About Us

Gaucho is a savings inspired community and price comparison site. Our goal is to make it refreshingly easy for you to find the best deal on the web or at a store near you.

Behind the scenes, we're just a bunch of real people striving to deliver real savings in a real-time environment.

These are the values that drive our brand, our company culture, and the way we interact with the world.

Core Values

We believe in being fun and friendly.

People are always looking for ways to save money, sure. But searching for the right product and the right deal can be stressful. Holidays anyone?

We work hard, but we have fun working together. We hope that comes through in the innovative interactive tools that Gaucho delivers and the neighborly nature of our savings community.

We embrace creativity in every corner.

Solutions come from anywhere. We're a creative bunch. It's not unusual for our design lead to write a great line of copy or for our SEO specialist to solve a design issue.

The world of specialized knowledge is meaningless, unless you can harness it. Gaucho is an innovative hybrid system, powered by an endless supply of creative contributions.

We're passionate about making a difference.

It sounds all gushy and mushy, but we really want to make a difference for our visitors. To do that, we take a different approach to savings -- both in terms of design and technology.

We hope this approach helps you find new ways to save money and makes comparison pricing easier to sort through. Maybe you'll even be able to buy that special something you thought you couldn't afford. That's why we pour countless hours of dedication into Gaucho.

We listen to each other and evolve.

None of us knows everything, that's for sure. So we listen to each other very carefully and humbly, then evolve and build on each other's ideas. Our synergistic unity is greater than the sum of our parts.

This applies to our savings community, too. We're open to your feedback and would love to hear what you'd like to see Gaucho do next.

We embrace new technology.

Guy walks into a bar. Guy asks, "How do I get a website to go viral?" Bartender says, "Ask a bio-engineer. They know about going viral."

Led by our founder, Dr. Nate Portney, the Gaucho website applies bio-nanotech principles implemented by great web development team to create a meaningful world of savings.

This approach is what gives us our Savings Search Advantage. As we continue to evolve, we'll always embrace new technology developments that we can use to help you save money.

We're open, honest, and real.

When it comes to building a website and collaborating as a team, we believe we need to be able to say what we think in an honest way. It gets us further, faster.

We encourage humor. But we think saving money is serious.

We can be a silly bunch sometimes, and that helps to grease the gears of doing good work. But, as we work to democratize savings, we do take providing that service very seriously.

We believe in being personable and neighborly.

Life's too short to waste it working with abrasive people. We don't always agree, but we're willing to listen and learn from each other without fighting. We hope the Gaucho community does the same.

We're community-focused.

We're the first real-time savings stream. We know we can't do it without you. Helping our savings community to find great deals and share them easily is what we're all about.

We believe in being relevant and useful.

At Gaucho, we are there to help each other in whatever way gets the job done.

We also want to deliver tools, services, and content that lines up with your savings needs. As we evolve, we'll continue to find newer, more useful ways to help you save money.
Gaucho is a savings inspired community. We're a price comparison site and savings outlet that puts an emphasis on savings first ... but we can't do it without people like you. Join now!